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System Checkup:

System checkup allows the user to look for all the possible threats going around with the system. There’s no doubt that this is a handy utility and widely being used. Find what’s slowing down your PC and eliminate all those things quickly to get improved performance.

AOL Mail:

AOL Mail is used by millions of people from all around the world. It’s a free service used for sending and receiving the E-Mails. A wide range of features is offered along with free account such as 25MB attachments, spam filters and so on.

AOL Desktop Gold:

It’s an application for PRO users only. It costs only $4.99 and gives you a better and improved user interface. Add-Ons and tools which come preloaded with AOL Desktop gold certainly enhance the creativity and productivity of a person.

AOL Shield Pro:

It offers a shield against all the online threats, such as phishing sites, hacked sites and so on. Make sure to install this on your system and get protected from scam sites.

ID Protection:

Protect your online identity by using ID protection tool by AOL. We’ll guide you all the necessary steps to use this fantastic and useful product by AOL.

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