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AOL Desktop Gold is the best way to access all your AOL Mails using a desktop PC. Millions of people are using AOL Mail account because there’s no better and secure way to read, write and send emails. Gain access to AOL Desktop Gold and enjoy dozens of features. Access your Mail account without opening a browser.

Install AOL Desktop Gold

Enjoy the world of AOL seamlessly and enhance the way you access your important E-Mails from clients. There’s no better way than using Desktop Gold as it can also send a notification when you receive an important E-Mail. It supports two-step verification which ensures that your account isn’t compromised by the bad guys.

Automatic updates are enabled by default. Most updates are for improving the security and privacy of the users. No need to look around for the way to update the software because of automatic updates. Thanks for Enhanced Encryption as it kicks out all the MITM attacks and SSL strip related issues.

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AOL Desktop Gold Download

If you want to download AOL Desktop Gold, you must properly follow the step below and there is a possibility that you may have an error while doing so, but you don’t have to worry, as you can solve the error with the help of a technical support team, where qualified technicians will help you solve the problems in a short time.

Premium security features: It can help you prevent hackers from hacking your AOL account or no one can violate its security.

Automatic updates: Now you don’t have to spend time updating the new version because it has an autoupdate system that saves you time.

AOL desktop gold download 11.2.6 or higher versions: – Learn here all the fundamentals for downloading AOL desktop gold and learning AOL gold installation procedure.

Whether you use Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS, you can take advantage of AOL desktop gold by following these guidelines for downloading and installing AOL Desktop Gold:

Here are the steps to install AOL Desktop Gold:

  1. Download AOL Desktop Gold software from here.
  2. Open Downloads folder and double click on Installer.
  3. Allow Administrator Privelleges.
  4. Click on Install Now button.
  5. Complete all the installation steps.
  6. You’ll see AOL Desktop Gold icon on desktop.
  7. Double click on the icon and start using AOL Desktop Gold.

You can even make AOL Desktop Gold your default Mail Client. This is very important as it ensures that all the E-Mail address you clicked will open with the AOL application.

  1. Open AOL Desktop Gold.
  2. Log In to your AOL account.
  3. Click on the Settings option.
  4. Select general tab and now choose Make AOL My Default Mail Client.
  5. A new popup window will appear.
  6. Select AOL Desktop gold from the list.
  7. Apply the changes.

That’s all! Now AOL Desktop Gold is your default email client.

These are the steps to upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold. Steps are pretty easy and we can manage all our AOL accounts using one software. If you’re still facing issues with installation, contact on AOL Tech Support Number. Our technicians are available 24/7 for 365 days to serve you the best possible solution.

Few items are needed before installing the AOL Desktop Gold Software. The consumers need to take care of a few things before stepping ahead. Newest AOL Gold software is really a bit different from the earlier versions in several approaches and because of this it’s used by tens of thousands of consumers at this time, and the consumers are updating their version to latest updates. When the consumers have any technical hiccups they call AOL support number.