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AOL Mail Not Working- General Troubleshooting Steps for How to Change, Reset, Recover, Forgot AOL Password & How to Download, Install & Update AOL Desktop Gold. AOL Mail is stylized as AOI Mail. A free web-oriented email service introduced by America online’s long (AOL).  It is basically a division of Verizon communications. Customers can access its email services by its all in a single proprietary software package. Sometimes the AOL mail is referred to as AIM Mail. AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger. Get Instant Assistance To Resolve General AOL Mail Not Working Issue by this article, we will know about the history & features of AOL mail or General AOL Mail Problems, How AOL Mail works side by side what to do if your AOL Mail not working, how to change AOL password, how to Recover Forgot AOL Password, how to Download AOL desktop gold & how to install it & steps to fix AOL Desktop Gold Update Error.

AOL Mail History

It was May 24, 1985, that the company is now known as AOL first came into existence. Initially, it was known as Quantum Computer Services. In 1991, Quantum computer services were renamed America Online. In 1993, both America Online (AOL) and Delphi introduced their proprietary e-mail service, a Windows version, and access to the rest of the Internet for its users. Within 1997, AOL mail was honored as the largest email service provider with around 9 million subscribers which is identical to the number of AOL subscribers. At that time a web version of its email service, named NetMail was launched by AOL. Initially, it was working only on Internet Explorer but later it was modified to a java written version. The service was renamed AOL mail on the internet in 1999.

By 2000, AOL was the nation’s biggest Internet service provider and became $125 billion business. AOL tested a new free webmail service for the public in 2004. Now there was no need to subscribing to AOL before using the service. From 2006, AOL declared its service totally entirely free for broadband users. The same year, Netscape Mail was migrated to AIM Mail. As of July 2012, its user count reached the level of 24 million. AOL was acquired by Verizon communications on March 16, 2017. On March 16, 2017, Verizon announced to migrate all its customers to AOL Mail.

AOL Mail Features

  • The maximum Email attachment limit is 25MB
  • It can supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols.
  • Spam & Virus protection options are available with it.
  • Its mailbox can supports up to 1000 new messages, 4000 old and sent messages each.
  • After login, it will support SSL/HTTPS.
  • You can link it with other email accounts from other service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

How AOL Mail works?

It is totally different from AOL’s traditional e-mail program. It does not require special software and free to everyone not just limited to AOL subscribers.

Like other webmail, AOL also runs over the internet using standard web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, IE, etc. Though you can download AOL’s all-in-one software and use the built-in program, simply going to and enter the login credentials and start sending emails is the simplest procedure to use it.

What to do if your AOL Mail Not Working Error

AOL Mail Not Working

In Today’s world AOL is one of the leading email technology which is known for its extraordinary and excellent features. There can be several possible reasons due to which you may face issues related to your AOL mail account. Here are some quick troubleshooting guides by which most of the issues can be resolved.

1)   AOL Account does not Connect due to Poor Internet Connection

  • It may be due to a poor or slow internet connection. Always make sure that the internet is working properly. To fix the issue, you need to switch to a superior/healthy network that can provide better signal strength.
  • Server downtime is also a possible reason that can cause trouble with the functioning of the AOL mail platform.
  • Try to use a different web browser. The incompatible browser can also induce AOL mail-related issues.
  • For issues in IOS devices – enable and disable airplane mode on your device and crosscheck if the mails are loading or not. If the issue still persists, you can reset the network settings.
  • Finally if are unable to login into your AOL account on iPhone / Android device, you have to remove and re-add your account.

2)  AOL Account not Receiving Emails

  • Crosscheck the filters that you have applied for your account
  • Check the spam or junk box as the email has landed in the incorrect folder.
  • There can be a delay in receiving if there is huge network traffic.

3)  Unable to send Email from AOL account

  • Your browser should be clear from cache, cookies, and history before sending a mail.
  • You need to disable the pop-up blocker of your web browsers, which can prevent AOL from sending an email.
  • A firewall can be a possible reason which can prevent you to send mail. Try to configure it properly.

4)        Facing issue on Android

  • First open your AOL mail on an android device and type login details properly. Then move to incoming and outgoing server settings.
  • Enter the IMAP/POP3 and SMTP settings after go to the manual setup option.

5)  Problems with other Third-Party Email Applications

If you are facing an issue while accessing your AOL account on a third-party application, here are some suggestions which you can follow

  • If your AOL mail password was changed recently, ensure to update it your email client as well.
  • Always up to date with your AOL mail account to work it seamlessly.

6) Fix Problems with Viewing Images

  • If you tried every possible step but still unable to see the images it will be the best practice to try again later. This issue may cause by server delays due to heavy traffic at the same time.
  • Ensure the picture was sent with a proper/supported format.
  • Installing multiple browsers can alter your web settings. You need to reset your general web setting to resolve the issue.

How to Change AOL Password Online

Change AOL PasswordYour password can allow you to access each AOL services you use. You might want to Change AOL Password Online for security reasons (in case if you suspect your account has been hacked) and other common reasons. In case you have forgotten AOL Password, with the below-mentioned steps you can recover the AOL password easily.

Steps to Recover AOL Mail Password Online

Recover AOL Mail PasswordIn the case of browser

1) log in to AOL and click on your name

2) Select account security

3) Click on change password

4) Enter a new password and confirm it.

In the case of IOS

1)  Choose the option Edit account info from your account.

2)  3 line menu.

3) Select account security.

4) Change the password as per your requirement.

It is always a good practice to change or update your password on regular basis.

How to Download AOL Desktop Gold

Download AOL Desktop Gold

AOL desktop gold is a software suite offered by AOL, single source of many services like –AOL mail, browser, games, and news, and so on. You will get everything right here with a few taps of buttons only moreover it can be included at no additional cost with your membership.

Here are some basic system requirements which you need to follow before using Desktop Gold:

  • IE 7+ browser needs to be installed.
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM
  • 266MHZ or upper computer processor

For Downloading the Desktop Gold you can be an advantage plan member or enjoy the Gold trial or subscription.

For advantage plan members

  • Sign in to the MyBenefits pages.
  • Scroll to ‘AOL Desktop Gold’ under ‘All Products’
  • Download now.
  • Follow the installation steps one by one.

For Trial or subscription users

  • First sign in to your My Account page.
  • Click on My services | subscriptions.
  • Follow the installation steps one by one.

How to Install AOL Desktop Gold

Install AOL Desktop GoldAfter downloading the tool, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to install it on your respective devices

  • First, you need to locate the AOL gold downloaded files.
  • Now click on the downloaded AOL desktop Gold setup file and tap on the ‘AOL gold install’ option.
  • Now click on ‘Install Now’ and you will be prompted to ‘import your email’ along with the ‘uninstall the older version of AOL desktop’ options.
  • Click on ‘ok’ and go forward by ‘yes’.

Steps to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Update Error

AOL Desktop Gold Update ErrorAll software’s are required to update on regular basis. AOL gold software also needs to update so that it can run without any issue during the update, you can face an issue is known as the name of AOL Desktop Gold Update Error 104. However, there are many possible ways to deal with this issue but here we will discuss some of the proven steps by which you can easily fix the AOL Desktop Gold Update Error.

  • First, locate the ‘update’ from the search bar and you will get a list of options. From there you need to select windows update and open it.
  • Mark the checkbox ‘Install updates automatically and give me important updates the same way I receive these updates.’
  • You will get two options under the new update sections, i.e through the date and through time. Choose as per your requirement.
  • Save & done.

If you are still struggling then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Check your system is capable of the latest version of AOL desktop gold or not.
  • AOL gold is not automatically updated so then you need to do it manually. At first, uninstall the old version and install the latest one from the AOL official website.

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