Here we will explain How to Troubleshoot AOL Gold Flash Player Problems? Adobe Flash Player is famous software and browser connect-in that helps run operating systems and flows Internet audio-video information. Flash Player is necessary because games, visual graphics, audio clips, or videos on AOL Desktop Gold can cause any error in the software. When AOL Desktop Gold is enabled on your device, you can upgrade your Flash Player to the latest version so that no errors are identified when browsing. This blog will provide you with an analysis of the steps which users need to follow when upgrading AOL Gold Flash Player.

Since the troubleshooting steps for AOL Gold Flash Player Problems could depend entirely on your operating system or device you are using, it is probably best to call the Customer Care Number and talk to a qualified software consultant before you fix the software. For technical solutions, a trained expert will be able to help you so you can fix the problems in no time and start using your AOL Desktop Gold browser.

Steps to Troubleshoot AOL Gold Flash Player Problems

The big reason users have Flash Player issues just because the software isn’t updated. To troubleshoot problems with AOL Gold Flash Player, you should follow the instructions below to upgrade the software:

Troubleshoot AOL Gold Flash Player Problems

Stage 1: Open your browser & Go to the Adobe Flash Player Download page

Stage 2: Using the following versions: http:/

Stage 3: Press the ‘Stage 1’ button on the left-hand side of your screen.

Stage 4: Select and start the operating system you are using at this time.

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Stage 5: You will need to select the Flash Player version you want for step 2.

Stage 6: For Opera and Chromium-PPAPI, one option is FP 31.

Stage 7: Click on the option ‘Download Now’ and proceed to next stage.

Stage 8: Save to a suitable spot after downloading the file.

Stage 9: Go to and open the folder in which you saved the downloaded file.

Stage 10: Step 10: Follow the installation finishing instructions displayed on the screen and upgrade your Adobe Flash Player application.

After completion of the update, you can go ahead and restart AOL Desktop Gold, and check if the issue is resolved. Whether the issues continue, you’ll need to Update AOL Desktop Gold and then check if it’s all fixed.

Contact AOL Support Experts for AOL Desktop Gold Download

You can call the customer care number and talk to a certified software engineer to get a detailed guide on how to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold software so you can fix the Flash Player issues. Experts are available 24 hours a day to help you implement advanced troubleshooting methods to fix any AOL Desktop Gold related errors.