AOL Mail Settings for Outlook: If you are a professional person and if your professional life requires travelling connecting your AOL email account with your outlook account can help a lot. It will help you to manage your personal and business emails in one place and at the same time will keep them organized and separate. Fortunately adding a new email account in outlook is a process which will enhance the look as well as it will take a few minutes.

Methods of AOL Mail Settings for Outlook

  1. Firstly, you have to click on the “File ” tab and then click ” Add account “.
  2. Then select the manual setup or additional server types “Check box”.
  3. Select POP IMAP from the available options and click “next”.
  4. After doing so enter your full name and your AOL email address.
  5. Under the server information select the desired Account type Microsoft recommended IMAP as it stores your emails on a server as opposed to your personal computer.
  6. Then type in the incoming mail server box.
  7. Type in the outgoing mail services box.
  8. Type your full AOL email account name and password in the login information section then click “next”. Click “more settings” under the outgoing server tab and select the “My server requires additional information” check box.
  9. Then click” advanced” and “type” in 587 as the outgoing mail (SMTP) post.
  10. You can leave the incoming mail port as the default selection (143) or select “SSL” for additional encryption.
  11. If you do so the port will change to 993 automatically.

After doing all these make sure that the “test account” settings box is checked and click “next”. The information you entered will be acceptable and it will be ensured by the wizard and it will confirm that the account is functioning properly.

AOL mail settings for outlook

It is preferred by AOL that you access your AOL mail in AOL but the email users typically use more than one service and this becomes a more convenient option to access all the email account staying at one location. By entering specific info about AOL mail and your account you can access or use your mail and respond to it in any compatible email client or app.

You need to enter the AOL mail IMAP server setting and it will help to access AOL mail message and folder in outlook, Mac mail, windows10 mail, Thunderbird or in an email app for an appropriate provider. The moving, deletion, saving, and syncing between the mail server and the box will be ensured by IMAP and POP. POP helps in moving mail from the server to the device devices like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, when the user is accessing email and it either saves or delete the moved mail from the email server and also from the inbox.

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In IMAP the email which has come to the email server remain there, and hence allow the user to track about their activities in their local inbox. The IMAP also emphasize an ensuring that the mail messages on the email server keeping all the users in boxes in sync, and in case you are using multiple devices you should switch to IMAP. IMAP enables user at different places to using multiple devices to manage and use the same inbox. Which IMAP server the user can sign in from work, iPad, home or desktop and will receive the exact view of the email inbox because all the local inbox changes are synchronized.

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