AOL Desktop Gold, now known for its features and functionality and in a new design and functionalities with some amazing security features that can help you to access emails and search content and even browsing.

AOL HelpYou must have found many internet interfaces, but due to its usability and some amazing features, it can’t be compared with anyone. Its new version has recently been launched and you can download AOL Desktop Gold premium, which includes some premium security measures and autoupdate.

Read here all the requirements for downloading the software and learn installation procedure of AOL Desktop gold on Windows and Mac.

Download Aol Desktop Gold for Windows

System Requirement to Download AOL Gold for Windows

System Speed: – Processor 266 MHz or above and RAM 1024 MB.

Connectivity: – High Speed and Secure Internet connection

System Memory: – Hard disk with 512MB free space

Aol Gold Download Agent: – Web browser (IE) latest version 

  • Download Aol gold from the given link above. Be careful to click only on the Download button for AOL members, as it is free for existing members.
  • After downloading Aol Gold, click on the downloaded Desktop AOL Gold folder and follow the steps on the screen.
  • Enter your AOL credentials when prompted.
  • Scroll down a little in the “All products” section and you’ll see the “AOL Desktop Gold” and tap it.
  • Now click on “Install Aol Gold” and follow the steps install aol gold.

Process to Install AOL Desktop Gold on Windows

  • After downloading AOL desktop gold, these installation steps must be carried out to install AOL Desktop Gold Windows
  • To install gold, click on downloaded setup file and Click on Install icon
  • Click on “Run”.
  • Finally, click on “Install now” icon and you may be asked to “import your email” together with “Uninstall an older version of aol desktop”
  • Click on “Ok” followed by “Yes”.

Note: – If you are new to AOL, Buy the AOL membership instantly and follow the same steps given above

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Download AOL Desktop Gold on Mac

If you are a member of AOL and want to download and install AOL Gold desktop for Mac OS, here’s what you have to do:

System Requirements to download aol gold on MAC IOS

Operating System: – Mac version 9.0 or higher

Connectivity: – High Speed and Secure Internet connection

Aol Gold Download Agent: – Latest Safari Version.

  • You need to download AOL desktop gold Mac Version
  • Fill your AOL credentials when you click on the gold file downloaded and Follow the instructions on the screen until you see the license agreement.
  • Now, click on the gold license agreement window for AOL Desktop Software.
  • Click agree on next screen<< click on install to finish installation
  • To update AOL gold software for Mac, follow the same step

Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Issues Occur While Downloading

 Error message “this page has moved”

First of all, don’t panic when you see ” this page has been removed” while you try to sign in to your AOL account. This error simply means that the page that you are trying to access is currently being updated. We always try to improve our services to make them more user – friendly and convenient for you.

It should also be noted that your AOL account is not a problem or sign in credentials. [ as most users believe it’s a problem with either the account or the credentials of the account].

What should we do in these scenarios?

If you got the message “this page has moved,” your bookmarked page will be updated for the time and you only need to log in your temporarily. This is how you can do it:

Trouble to signing in

If you have trouble signing in to your AOL desktop gold account, you may receive one of these alerts as you try to sign in. Either “your credentials are invalid” or “we detect from your account suspicious activities.”

The only solution in these scenarios is to reset aol password