AOL error code 475 usually happens when your computer, along with viruses or Trojans, accidentally deletes or corrupts registry data. When you receive such an error, it can outcome in your important file being lost, deleted, or damaged. In order to fix AOL error code 475, you need to take immediate action, or you can lose the most valuable data from your computer. Be aware of it, therefore, and try to use AOL support to get online assistance.

While sending emails, most of the AOL users mentioned their issue. This is due to the AOL Error Code. The Error Code 475 indicates that a user’s account has detected any suspicious activity so AOL blocks the account from sending spam-like emails. If you find this error in your AOL account as well, you will still be able to receive emails, but you will not be able to send emails from your account. Execute the steps suggested below to know how to fix AOL Error 475 in your account. By dealing the AOL helpline number +1 (866) 257-5356 , you get detailed information.

Reasons to Get AOL Error Code 475

  • It freezes your email ID for a few hours when your AOL account detects some illegal behavior in your account.
  • He or she cannot send an email nor receive it when the user is blocked.
  • The user of AOL is unable to log in to his or her account.
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Here is the Major Area of the Error Code 475 in the AOL Email. So, Keep your Eyes on the Points Below.

  • This error will occur due to a virus on your computer.
  • Deleted or corrupted registry files accidentally.

So, you have to understand the above 2 points before you start working on an AOL account. If you can’t understand something, then don’t waste your valuable time by contacting the technical support department of AOL immediately. They offer toll-free services and will help you without any cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q 1: How do i Fix AOL Error Code 475: Your Account Has Detected Suspicious Activity?

A 1: To fix AOL error code 475, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Reinstall the application first, which is likely to be related to AOL error 475.

Step 2: Now, check the update to your Windows OS.

Step 3: Upgrade your computer’s outdated drivers. “To automatically update the drivers, right-click” Computer “> > and select” Manage.

Step 4: Click” device manager “afterwards.

Step 5: Cross-check to see if a yellow edit button exists.

Step 6: Click on it twice, then tap “Update Drivers.”


Q 2: Why is there an AOL 475 Mail Error Code?

A 2: The reasons behind the occurrence of AOL error code 475 are as follows:

  • AOL error 475 can occur when a virus is available on your PC / laptop.
  • Corrupted or damaged files in the registry.


Q 3: What if the AOL Error 475 Manually Move does not work?

A 3: If it does not work with the manual steps to fix error code 475, then you need to contact the AOL technical team.

Here are Steps to Fix AOL Error Code 475 by AOL Experts

Updating system drivers is the main prospective solution to this issue. You will end your issue after upgrading the Windows system driver. So, look at the points below and how they are in your system:

  • Reinstall the application that is likely to cause an error like that.


  • Check your Windows update after that.
  • Upgrade the outdated drivers on your computer. You must right-click on the “Computer” option to update the drivers automatically, and then select “Manage”.

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  • Click on the “system manager” option after doing that.
  • Carefully go through it and verify whether or not there is a yellow interrogative mark.AOL-Desktop-Gold-Automatic-Update-Not-Working
  • Double-click and press ‘Update Drivers’ on that mark.

Contact AOL Support Phone Number +1 (866) 257-5356 to Get Instant Support

If you are still having some issues related to AOL error 475, then you need to download and carefully install AOL Desktop Gold again on your device. After that, Error Code 475 will be removed automatically from your AOL Desktop.