In this age of high-speed internet and each and every company offering their services online, every service you register online asks you to make an account and password with them. On an average, a regular internet user registers for at least 7 accounts per month which mean 7 usernames and 7 passwords to remember. It is very Common Problems to forget AOL password.

How to Recover AOL Forgot Password?

So, it is very natural when sometimes you forget your password for some account or get confused in between your passwords. Some smart people use cloud storage and software like dashlane to save their passwords but then also due to some unfortunate incidences of losing data or getting hacked your password can be lost or misplaced.

AOL Forgot Password

AOL Mail is a very popular service for instant messaging and communication platform generally used for gaming and android applications. AOL mail provides a bunch of feature with their service.

Sometime users forget their password and try to recover it but they face some technical difficulties while doing so or maybe they forget their AOL password, as well as the username or the user cannot access his registered email address for some reason in that case user can connect with AOL Technical Support Number and get assistance.

Steps to Recover AOL Forgot Password

At AOL Technical Support Number, you can easily contact them via call or email and the technician on the other side would help you to recover your AOL forgot password smoothly without any hassle. It is very important to choose only expert technicians to take help from as if done wrong you can be blocked by AOL mail service and you have a risk of losing all your data and services.

If you don’t want to call customer support and want to try on your own then below are the simple steps which you can follow.

1- Go to AOL sign-in page

2- Enter your username and click next.

3- Click on I forgot my password.

You will be prompted to verify your details as per the information you have provided while registering the account. There are mainly three options for verification which can be used.

1- By a recovery code sent to your mobile number

2- By a recovery code sent on your email address

3-By verifying your account security question and profile information.

If you have followed these steps and still cannot access your account or reset your password then it is recommended that you call AOL Technical Support Number for further assistance.

Connect AOL Tech Support Number +1-866-257-5356 To Recover AOL Forgotten Password

By calling AOL Technical Support number you can be sure that you will get expert advice and help to recover your account successfully. The AOL toll-free numbers are 24*7 working so you can call them whenever you want and get your problem sorted out any time.

 The expert assistance helps you with a step by step process to recover your forgotten AOL password. So, by following these steps you will be able to recover your password very easily.