Looking How to Fix AOL Mail Error Loading Address Book? Get the Solutions to Fix AOL mail Problems Such as AOL Not Working, Error Loading Address Book. AOL Mail is widely known as the most genius web-based email service, helping users to quickly connect with others. It’s possible that you’ll get an error while trying to load your address book. It’s very likely that a specific suspicious software is the source of the problem. Users can recover their email address list or their entire address book from various backup servers. If there are no viruses, the AOL Support will most probably throw malware checks, so if there are no viruses, you will most likely need technical assistance. For this, you must contact the tech support team to find valuable solutions to the problems.

The Below are Symptoms of an AOL Mail Error Loading Address Book Problems:

  • The message “AOL error loading address book” appears. It will also cause the current software window to crash.
  • The keyboard and mouse input will be slow, and Windows will run slowly.
  • When you run a similar programme, the system will shut down instantly or show the AOL error loading address book.
  • The screen can also freeze for a short period of time.

The Following are the Most Common Problems Encountered when Loading an Address Book:

AOL Mail Error Loading Address Book

AOL Address Book is not Appearing:

When the Windows Operating System is corrupted, this is likely to happen. It may take longer to open the services, and response times may be slower as well. If you’re working on multiple applications at the same time, you’ll notice that your system freezes and crashes.

The AOL address does not auto-fill:

When you type the sender’s email, it will automatically display most of the user’s previously saved emails, but most of the time there are issues loading the address. This does not occur in this case, but it does in many others.

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Problems with Re-Synchronization of Address Book :

If you’ve already set your preferences and are still having trouble synchronizing, you can change them for better performance and reliability in your email account.

Solution to resolve your Problem:

Fill in your Address Automatically:

There are many explanations for this error, the most important of which is the occurrence of unwanted startup entries. RAM or hardware failure, registry bugs, unnecessary or redundant software installations, and scattered files are all potential causes of this failure. To fix this, make sure you’re running the latest of your operating system.

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Sync your Address again:

If you run into such a problem, all you must do is restart your computer and find professional assistance.

You can quickly fix such a problem this method. You can call the AOL Phone Number +1 (866) 257-5356 for more information or to get answers to the questions you may have. They will take the necessary steps to resolve all problems in a timely manner. The technicians are on able to help customers in resolving their problems.