When receiving emails to your AOL account, you may sometimes experience difficulties. Owing to the ever changing spam filter that AOL uses, this might happen. With the support of deft tech-geeks who have lots of technical-based experience, you can change AOL Spam Filter settings. Your hurdle is sure to be eradicated from top-to-toe after taking support from them.

Email providers have made their spam filters with unsolicited and unwanted emails being a bigger issue. Spam Filter is a piece of software that handles incoming emails so that spam does not enter the inbox of a user. You will need to reset AOL Mail Account to make changes to the spam filter settings. As a number of experienced and skilled tech-geeks work here, you can also use our maroon service at the comfort of home. That’s why, in a few seconds, all the hurdles can be eradicated from the root.

Here How to Change AOL Spam Filter Settings?

Change AOL Spam Filter Settings

If you don’t have the knowledge to change the settings of the AOL spam filter, then continue reading this article. Here, you’ll find all the possible steps.

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Therefore, keep your eyes feasting on the below points in your AOL Mail account and then do the same.

  • First of all open the official site of AOL account.

First of all open the official site of AOL account.


  • Enter the login information in the box, like username and password.

Enter the login information in the box

  • Click on the options in the upper right corner of the AOL account after signing in.
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  • Click the “Mail Settings” option now.


  • In your mail settings option, you will find ‘Spam Settings.’ So, just click the option on that as well.


  • Finally, you can change your spam filter to the level that you want in your Spam Settings.

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