How to Block Emails on AOL: Your AOL account not only lets you create folders to store both business and personal information but also block emails from individuals, services and business. The feature lets you block a maximum of 1000 email addresses and does not require downloading a plug in accessing a third party application on buying any specific driver.

You can also unblock if desired. Blocking emails on AOL using the desktop version: Login to the account and enter the keyword “Mail Control ” into the search box at the top of the application screen.

How to Block Emails on AOL

Press enter then click the circle next to “block mail from address specify”.

Enter the email address of the individuals or business you want to block into the text box.

Enter a comma to separate each email address.

Click save when you are done entering the email addresses.

These are the steps if you are using AOL desktop version prior 10.1.

Manage Spams and Block Emails in AOL Desktop Gold

  1. Firstly, if you are blocking emails using AOL desktop 10.1 version log into your AOL account and click the “Mail icon”.
  2. Then Click on settings and then spam control.
  3. Click the circle next to the block mail from address specify.
  4. Enter the email address separated by a comma.
  5. Click “save” and click on the “OK” prompted with the message “your changes have been saved “.
  6. Click “save “again to finalize the settings within the “settings mail “window.
  7. Close the ” settings -mail ” window.
  8. Block images and links in emails
  9. Disabling links and images from unknown senders can protect you from accidentally downloading a virus or malware with reading your emails.
  10. Under your Username, click Options | Mail Settings.

      Click the “General” tab, if not already there.

  1. In the “Reading” section, select the following:
  2. Hide images in mail from unknown senders.
  3. Disable links in mail from unknown senders.
  4. Click Save Settings.

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