AOL Error Code 104 may occur when the operating environment of your windows is completely ruined. If you want to be secure from crashing, you need to fix AOL Error 104 as a matter of urgency. You are needed to place a ring at AOL Customer Support Number to receive adequate help from a tech-savvy individual. There may be various explanations for this error, some are top start-up segments, registry blunders, decay of equipment / RAM, and the like of superfluous or excessive program facilities separated files.

AOL Error Code 104

Causes of AOL Error Code 104:

AOL Error Code 104 is also one of the main reasons to get that error owing to downloading incorrect resources or content or incomplete software installation. If it cannot be fixed, this AOL Desktop Gold Error 104 may totally ruin or harm your windows file.

Common Symptoms of AOL Error Code 104

Behind this mistake there are some symptoms. So, you will discover that the system often crashes when this sort of mistake happens. There will also be sluggish conduct on system, keyboard, and mouse efficiency. Finally, the computer will suddenly freeze.

Probable Reasons Behind AOL Error Code 104

Like the symptoms, the AOL error code 104 has many reasons to happen. So, here are some of the factors you need to take care of before you proceed with the alternatives:

Easy Hacks to Fix AOL Error Code 104

There are four efficient methods to fix the mistake readily. Just follow the steps and wait for a solution to the problem.

Fix 1: Clean Up Temporary Files

Delete all temporary files from your system as it acquires a lot of memory room and can lead to the mistake. Open the Run dialog box by concurrently clicking both the Windows and the R button. Type ‘ temp ‘ in the Run dialog box. This will assist you to search for temporary records. Now, delete the documents you need. Find out if the mistake still exists after removal.

Fix 2: Scan the Device

Checking and scanning the equipment is very essential because they can cause such mistakes and could harm the device. To scan the machine, switch on the Windows Firewall and delete malware and virus. This technique is very efficient and the error code can be readily removed.

Fix 3: Install All Available Updates

Updating the operating system may also decrease the likelihood that AOL error code 104 will occur. Basically, with technology enhancement, you will discover that an update is accessible daily. So to install the update, Open the machine and first click the Start menu to find out if an update is presently accessible. Within the Windows Update dialog box, you will get the required update data. We hope the mistake will be removed once the update is finished.

Fix 4: Perform Clean Installation of Windows

If the mistake still exists after attempting all the fixes, reinstall Windows. It often happens that an mistake occurs owing to problems with the hard drive. Reinstalling Windows will assist you to immediately remove the mistake. Wait until the device is rebooted and updated.

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