The password is the key to sign in for users of any email account. When this key is lost or stolen, certain risks occur, specifically when it comes to your data, contacts, and other personal information. Knowing the password will also be necessary for having access to your AOL email account. If you forget or lose your AOL password, you can choose to change it or reset it, depending on the situation.

In this post, you’ll learn how to change AOL password using a web browser, a mobile phone, an existing password, and other methods. These steps can be used on apple devices, iPads, and other Smart devices.

Note: You may be unable to check in to your AOL account when trying to provide it. This could mean that the password is wrong or that it has been changed. But at the other end, when the IMAP mail internet goes down, a problem such as this can happen.

These are the Change AOL email password processes and other things we’ll be going to discuss:

Table Of Contents

  • How to Change My AOL Password?
    • 1.Reset or Change Password via Browser
    • 2.Change Password through Mobile Phone
    • 3.Creating New Password Using the Existing One

Why Should You Change Your AOL Password?

We’ve listed a few reasons why you might need to change or reset your AOL account password.

1. Your AOL account password may be changed.

2. You may have signed in to your AOL account on a shared or public computer system by mistake. As a result, its security may have been affected.

3. It’s possible that the users don’t remember the correct password. They may want to change the AOL password on the computer as a result.

4. Changing your password every 3 to 6 months is a good habit to get into if you want to keep your AOL account secure.

Note: There may be an issue with the AOL Email Settings from time to time. As a result, you may be unable to access your account. Before updating your account’s password, you might want to check the settings to see if they need to be changed.

Things to Consider About Before Changing Your AOL Email Password

When you go to to reset your password, you’ll want to consider a few things into mind that makes sure it’s secure, long enough, and not too easy to guess. In view of this, the following recommendations have been made:

  • If you have trouble remembering complex passwords, you can use a simple sentence with no spaces as your password.
  • The password can be created by using the first letter of each word in the preferred sentence.
  • At least two special characters or numbers should be included. You can put them at the start and at the end of the password.
  • Make it a habit to change your password every so often. It is recommended that you change it every 3 to 6 months.
  • In the case of AOL, eight letters are the minimum needed for creating a password.
  • It should be noted that AOL users are not required to follow these instructions. However, using them will make creating an excellent password for your account much simpler.

How to Change My AOL Password?

Changing your password through your system’s browser is a standard procedure. If your AOL account is connected to your device, you can use that number to get the verification code you need to start a unique password. Using the final method, you can create a new password from an existing one.

These three methods will show you how to change or reset your AOL email password when you forgot AOL mail password. We’ve included more information about them below.

1- Reset or Change Password via Web Browser

When you know the old password for your AOL account, you can use the method described here to change it. To look at it another way, there may be situations when an AOL customer remembers the old password but forgets the new one. To get a general idea of how this method works, go to and change your password here. Fill in your Username, press Next, and then touch the Forgot My AOL Password option on the sign-in page of this email service provider. After that, you can continue by following the given instructions.

  • Go to the sign-in page for AOL.
  • Enter the username you used to log in.
  • “Next” must be chosen.
  • Now click “Forgot My Password.”

Note: Selecting this option will bring you to the steps to reset your password.

AOL Mail Sign in
  • Enter the last password you know, and then enter the new password.
Changing AOL Password

To confirm, type in the new password once more.

You’ve successfully changed the password for your email account. You must validate your information before the new password can be set. Only the account holder has access to this information.

2. Change Password through Mobile Phone

If you use AOL on your smartphone, you can change your account’s password using the same device. For creating an AOL account, you’ll need the mobile number that was registered. A verification code will be sent to this phone. You must enter the code to validate that you are the owner of the AOL account. You will be asked a series of security questions once this has been confirmed. The process will be completed once you have given the right answers to these questions. You will eventually be able to recover AOL mail password using your device.

  • To change the email password, go to
  • Go to “AOL Mail Login” and select “Login.”
  • Write the “Username” of the account.
  • “Next” must be clicked.
  • Select “Forgot Password” from the drop-down menu.
  • Re-enter the “Username” box.
  • “Next” should be selected.
  • Please enter your phone number as it appears on your registration.
  • “Next” should be clicked.
  • A “Verification Code” is required for the purpose of confirming one’s identification. You have the option of receiving the code via “Phone Call” or “Text.”
  • After you’ve received the code, write it down.
  • Click “Register” or “Login” to get started.
  • You can now create a new password to access your account.

Note: You may encounter the following options while trying to change the password for your AOL email account using this procedure:

  • A “Verification Code to the Registered Mobile Number” will be sent to you.
  • “Verification Code to the Registered Recovery Account” will be sent.
  • Account security questions and other profile information can be used to verify your account.
  • You can choose from one of these choices, depending on your preferences.

Note: The AOL mail login password changing procedure will be completed if you follow these simple steps. You can also use your phone to change your AOL email password. You will receive a five-digit code after entering the registered phone number. After entering the code in the box, go to the next page to change your password.

3.Using an Existing Password to Create a New Password

Users of AOL mail can change their password by using the same password that they are currently using. Those users who believe their account has been hacked or is not secure may choose to do so. Unwanted sign-in attempts to your AOL account can be avoided by changing the account password.

Use your web browser to access to start this method. You can find the Account Security option after signing in to your account by clicking the Profile Picture. You’ll see an option to change your password on this screen. After you’ve selected this, you can go on to the next step.

  • Open the browser on your device or system.
  • Go to “” and log in.
  • Check to see if you’re logged into your AOL email account. If not, reenter your passwords properly to log in.
  • Tap on “Profile Picture” in the upper right corner.
  • When the account page opens, go to the left then select “Account Security.”
  • Navigate to the “How You Sign in” page.
  • Select “Change Password” from the drop-down menu.
  • This is followed by the creation of a new password.
  • For the purpose of verification, rewrite the new password once more.

Note: We recommend that you use the option of “Show Password” while generating and verifying your new password for your AOL email account. This will help you in ensuring that the new password has been entered correctly for confirmation. You can also take note of the password there for future use.

  • Select the “Continue” button now.
  • Your account’s password will be changed after you select “Continue.” You can access the site’s sign-in page. You can then sign in with your new password to allow access to all of it.
  • This is how users can access the AOL mail login page, change their password, and secure their account.

How Do I Change My AOL Password on an Apple Device?

“How can I Change AOL Mail Password on my apple device?” is a relevant topic we have. To reply to such questions, we’ve created a list of five options. On Apple devices, such as the Mac, you can change it using your browser. You can also update the password from your iPhone or iPad’s settings. The procedures for changing the password on different apple devices, such as the MacBook pro and 7, are similar but may vary widely. The methods for each of the models and devices have been listed separately.

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Change the AOL Password on the site as well as on your Apple device.

If you have an AOL account set up on your Apple device and want to reset the password, go to the settings and start the process. Mail, Contacts, and Calendars can all be found under the settings. This option must be chosen. After that, you can select AOL as well as the corresponding email account. After that, you’ll need to change your account’s password.

  • You must first reset your AOL email account password on the website before changing it on your Apple device.
  • After you’ve completed the steps above, go to your device’s “Settings.”
  • The “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option must be selected.
  • Select “AOL.”
  • Select the email address that is associated with it now.
  • Select “Password” from the drop-down menu.
  • In the first step of this procedure, enter the password you generated and changed on the AOL website.
  • To save everything, click the “Done” button.
  • Users of can change their email passwords using the approach listed in this section without having to follow complicated or time-consuming instructions.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

We helped you in a different method to change the password for your AOL email account. You can go at the FAQs here if you have any questions about it.

1. Why can’t I change my AOL password?

If your browser has unsolved issues, AOL may not allow you to reset your password. You may try to clearing the cache first, then reset the AOL password.

2. How do I Find out what my AOL Username and Password?

You can use the “Sign-in Helper” page to find out what your AOL account’s username is and how to recover your password. Either your “Phone Number” or your “Recovery Email Address” can be entered. You will be given the username as a function of this. You can then use the “I Forgot My Password” option to retrieve your password.

3. Why does my AOL password not work?

If you have “Caps Lock” turned on, your AOL password may not work. Login issues, an invalid password, online browser issues, and other reasons can all increase the difficulty. As just a solution for this issue, you can change or reset your AOL password.

4. How can I recover my AOL account without resetting my password?

From your browser, log in to your AOL account. After entering your “Username,” click “Next,” and then “Forgot Password.” This should allow you to add a new password to AOL without having to reset it.

5. Why does my iPhone ask for my AOL password so frequently?

Due to network issues, your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device may ask you to change your AOL account password frequently. The problem can be resolved by resetting the network settings. Select “General” from the “Settings” menu and tap “Reset.” On iPhone 6, iPhone 10, other iPhone models, and other similar technologies, you will no longer be asked to change your AOL password frequently.

6. How can I reset the password for my AOL email account on my Device?

Open the sign-in page of the site on your device to update your AOL password. Tap “Next” after entering your “Username.” Select “I Forgot My Password.” Then jot down the last password you remember. Create a new password at the end. After that, you can install it on your Device.

After everything has been said and done. Secure email services are provided by AOL. When you can’t remember your password or need to change it for some reason, you can rely on this provider to offer you with a quick answer. You have options available for resetting or changing your AOL mail password on an Android device, a computer, an Apple device, an iPhone, or an iPad. These devices are suitable with the ones described in this post. We think that following these steps has made this task easier for you.

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