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AOL Email Support  is one of the best email service providers that helps in AOL email related issues. There are several email providers like gmail, Hotmail, rediff and so on but AOL is the only company that provides the best service all over the world.  AOL has  made a good popularity in the business sector. AOL provides various other alternative services, its email services are most outstanding services within the entire world that include few options like sending email, receiving emails, attachment options and spam management. Millions of  AOL users are using email services round the world  with the assistance of AOL network. When some time they face issues like technical errors and it become very difficult for them to rectify these problems by their own, however AOL has an amazing and extraordinary support system for the customers. AOL email service is very simple and you can start anytime, the only thing you have to do is to go to the official website of AOL mail service which is


Step by Guide for setting up an AOL Account:


  • Go to the browser and open the AOL Mail or aol emial support “Sign In” .

  •  You have to Click On “Sign up for a FREE account” link.

  •  when  you will click on sign up , you have to type in your name, username an other things available there  on the Let’s create your account option  form, and then select the Sign Up have remember this here that  An alternate email address is needed for AOL’s confirmation process and it will later used for password reset purposes.

  •  Now you have to Log in to your alternate email account and open the confirmation message from AOL.

  •  Select the link in the message body to return you to AOL’s website and your account will be confirmed.

  •  Type in your password, select the “Sign In” button to verify and activate your account, and then click the “OK” button

  • Congratulations you are done and you can use now the AOL mail service

How to Setup AOL Email in Outlook 

1. First of all Click on the “File” tab, and then click “Add Account.”

2. In the second step you have to Select the “Manual Setup or Additional Server Types” check box. you have to check that check box and then Select “POP or IMAP” from the options that are available there and click “Next.”

3. In this step you will need your aol email address.Enter your full name and AOL email address. Under Server Information, select the desired Account Type. As you may not know Microsoft’s recommendation is IMAP as it stores your emails on a server as opposed to your personal computer, allowing you to access them on any computer.

4. When you will finish third step type in the Incoming Mail Server box and also type in the Outgoing Mail Server box. Enter your full AOL email account name and password is case sensitive in the Log on Information section, and then click “Next.”

5. This Step is important  “Test Account Settings” box Should be checked, and then click “Next.” The wizard will ensure that your account is functioning properly and let you know if the information you entered is acceptable.

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